NEW: Raise Your Vibration!

This is a high vibrational (energy) healing session, allowing the participant to experience an opening of their crown chakra and an inner/cosmic journey to receive higher wisdom. Healing is also possible on a cellular level, however, this is not something I can guarantee as it is completely dependant on where you are in your journey at the time of the session. You are always the driver of your own experiences.

This session is for those of you who are ready to step into your power. Who are striving towards being authentic, which means letting go of limitations to make room for re-membering and embracing your innate gifts ... so that your soul can shine in a world that needs you to so desperately. This is not always an 'easy' path; it is the road less travelled. It requires courage ... I see you, courageous wild-hearted souls, and this is for you.

This type of session is not suitable for someone currently experiencing trauma. Highly recommended for energy healers.

What is Vibrational Healing?

Vibration describes the movement of energy particles. Vibration is often not visible, however it can often be experienced as a feeling. Sometimes we are aware of the feeling; we walk into a room and get a "bad" or "good" feeling about the place or the people. On a more physical level we can feel and hear the vibrations of sound.

We now know that everything in the universe is energy (the things you can see, hear and touch with your physical senses and the things you can sense/feel beyond your physical senses), including you. 


Energy affects energy. Vibration affects the behaviour/experience of other vibrations.

This is Quantum Physics.

For example:

  • Your thoughts affect your emotions.

  • Your emotions affect your body.

  • Your emotions can affect others.

  • Your beliefs affect your perceptions.

  • Your perceptions affect your experiences.

This is not a linear event, it is cyclical and it is happening constantly either consciously (active choice - this is preferred and is empowering) or unconsciously (this is reactive and is dominated by unresolved trauma, early childhood experiences, ancestral patterning, and/or unresolved past life experiences).

We are also affected by other externally generated vibrations such as:

  • Sound, music

  • Light, colour, patterns

  • Smells, chemicals

  • Plants, flowers, animals

  • Weather; sun, wind, storms, etc.

  • Other people; words, actions, emotions, etc.

  • E.M.F.s - WiFi, mobile phones, smart meters, etc.

What to expect from a session

Each session will be unique, and guided by my intuition, however, this is the bones of what you will experience:

  • You will lie (comfortably) within a crystal grid, with crystals also on your body. The crystals will help to open up your crown chakra, and other chakras, whilst also strengthening your auric field

  • I will use sound to take you on a journey - this will include Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, tingshas and the medicine drum

  • You will leave the session with your own insights, and an essence (vibrational remedy) and a programmed quartz crystal to support integration


Limited sessions available. Newport only.

This session does not include any counselling. Follow up care is the responsibility of each person, whether it is booked in with me as a follow up kinesiology session, or with another health care professional. 

VALUE of all session types, including High Vibes Healing.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is achieved by using the power of controlled focused thought,  or focused prayer. In this instance ‘prayer’ is established by making a connection with the Creator of All That Is (God, Universal Love, Source, Spirit, The Divine etc.)

This connection is made by moving the awareness up through the physical body, through the Crown Chakra to connect with Divine Light. Once this connection has occurred the practitioner (in this case, myself) is then in communion with the Creator and can communicate on behalf of their client.

Working with the Creator of All that Is (or whatever word or words you use to describe that ultimate force of universal consciousness) is almost always an amazing and energizing experience for both the practitioner and the client.


The most common response following a Theta Healing® session when a client is asked how they feel is: “Much lighter!”



     Theta Healing is a powerful way to release:

  • Old limiting beliefs (that are holding you back, and/or causing you emotional or mental pain);

  • Unhealthy connections to other people, diseases, things or places

  • Negative energy and attachments


    It can also help remind us how to attract and/or allow the positive experiences

    such as:


  • Unconditional love

  • Connection

  • Joy and happiness

  • Abundance and prosperity

  • Inner peace and calm

  • Self-belief and confidence

Theta Healing™ is included in sessions with me when required, or can be booked as a 1 hour session for $120.

If you have any questions please get in touch via the contact page, Natasha.

Soul Link

Soul Link™ technique works with the energy systems of the body, and the power of the heart’s energetic frequency, to clear the emotional container around your negative memories. This means that they are no longer able to unconsciously drive your behaviour (reactions) to life’s experiences. You can be present, to what is happening NOW.


     Soul Link™ is a powerful way to:

  • Release the emotional ‘charge’ that a negative, or traumatic, memory carries so that you are no longer ‘triggered’ by it.

  • Change the way you react to certain situations, or people, so that you are able to respond in the present moment.

  • Change current behaviours of avoidance, or even anxiety, around certain situations or people.


A few of the most common responses after working with a negative memory when I’ve asked a client how they feel is:

“I feel lighter in my body”

“I don’t feel the same way when I think of it”

“Now it feels distant, like I’m watching a movie”

Sometimes people even have trouble remembering what the memory was in the first place!

Soul Link™ is included in sessions with me when required. If you are interested in having a dedicated session it is offered as a one hour session ($120) or, to learn this technique to use yourself whenever stress or challenges arise, you can book this in as a special 2 hour session for $200.

If you have any questions please get in touch via the contact page, Natasha.

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