Divination Essences

Divination (v): to discover hidden knowledge usually through the use of intuitive perception and insights;  the practice of determining the hidden significance behind events. In ancient times, divination was concerned with discovering the will of the gods and goddesses.
All Divination Essences come in black violet glass; contain 15 ml of liquid consisting of 10 ml of filtered water (to conduct the vibrations), and 5 ml of brandy (to preserve) and the associated vibrational matrix. They are STOCK essences which means that you can create DOSAGE (therapeutic remedy) bottles from them using only 3 drops from your STOCK bottle.
To receive your essence you will need to contact me directly by email 
The Sacred Exchange
Each essence is $30.
Currently this is payable by bank transfer (directly to me) or by cash if you choose to arrange personal collection. Postage is an additional $10 for up to 6 bottles. 
1. Transitions Essence
"I now transition with ease and grace, trusting in my own Divine Timing"
2. Safe to be Seen Essence
"I now embrace my unique gifts and allow my Soul's light to shine bright"
3. Unicorn Essence

This essence was created from the 12th to the 13th of January 2020 during the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. 

The design for this essence is still underway. Once the design is complete, and all of the stars and planets align, the first batch of Unicorn Essence will be bottled and announced via my Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

This magical essence has been particularly elusive to my mind (my desire to control the process and/or outcome), and I have really had to trust (and still trusting!) in the Divine timing of her creation, and birth. I know it will be well worth the wait for the energy she will bring forth!!

Thank you for your patience!

See below for sneaky peak at a moment in the making of this essence, and my two little helpers!

Divination Essences Gallery
More to come... watch this space!
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