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Women's Circles


My women's circles offer a safe and loving space for women to explore deeper connection; to themselves as women, to other women and mother nature. Together we can create unity rather than competition, acceptance rather than judgement, love rather than fear.

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Shamanic Drum Making

Creative Healing

This process of birthing a Shamanic Drum gifts you the opportunity to gain insight and potential healing around your creative process (creation/birthing) AND to create a traditional frame drum that will resonate with the medicine of your unique journey and gifts.  

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Wildnerness (Solo) Immersion

Journey Deeper

A Wilderness Solo (aka Vision Quest) is the ultimate re-set; to disconnect from the noise of your daily life, to regulate your nervous system, to re-connect with yourself and The Great Mother, to remember that you truly belong and have something valuable to offer your community.

This is a collaborative offering; we are: Wild Earth Magick, This 9 day immersion provides a safe and loving container and community within which you will be able to allow yourself the opportunity to surrender and listen, to speak and be heard, to be on country and to be remember your Soul's Song, your wild heart.

New Dates: 25/10/24 - 3/11/24.

(payment plans are available)

Does this call to you?

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