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About Kinesiology 

A gentle way to restore balance ~ resolve anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and explore your life cycle/s.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that enables the practitioner to communicate with a person's body, subconscious mind and/or higher self. This is done using muscle testing. The muscles are used to tap into a person's biocomputer to find and eliminate the underlying causes connected with the issue being explored at that time. These may be structural, nutritional, environmental, unbalanced emotions and belief systems, unresolved traumatic memories, genetic influences, or energetic and spiritual imbalances. 

Within your subconscious/body you hold all the information about your self, and all the answers you need to heal your self and achieve your dreams. Sometimes you just need some assistance in unlocking this information, and clearing those blocks that have been keeping you from the innate wisdom of your body and soul. This is where kinesiology can help!

I find that information unveiled during the kinesiology process (often referred to as 'a balance') is accepted as relevant, and already known by the person on some level. However maybe they had not yet made the connections between that event, belief, feeling or situation and what is happening as their current life challenge. 

After working with this modality for over 10 years I believe the possibilities are endless and I am always amazed and inspired by where it can take people, how it can change their relationships, and help them reconnect with their hearts. It is a wonderful compliment to other health care treatments. 



Confidence/self esteem

Menstrual Issues (PMS, pain, endometriosis, infertility)

Intimate Relationships

What to expect from Kinesiology

A Kinesiology session is normally one hour. If you are a new client you will experience these sessions as part of your first 3 or 5 sessions package.

The initial session will include discussion of:
          • what is currently happening in your life
          • what has happened leading up to this point
          • what is your desired outcome/s​


This first session will possibly also include:  kinesiology, energy clearing/balancing,  and/or theta healing plus an Integration Alchemy bag to take home. The Integration bag includes crystals and your very own essence blend (energetic remedy) to support you.

Please note that everything discussed during the session is always kept

100% confidential!​


For the kinesiology component you will lie down on my massage table, face up, fully clothed without your shoes. I will do some muscle testing (predominantly one muscle – this is known as an ‘indicator muscle’) and use one or more of the following:
                          • ​Acupressure points
                          • Chakra balancing
                          • Age recession/regression and ancestral healing techniques

                          • Flower Essences
                          • Crystal healing
                          • Sound​ healing

                          • Shamanic Healing techniques

People often ask how many sessions will be required – this is a very individual process and each person, and each situation is unique. In most cases I find about three sessions is sufficient for many issues. Up to five sessions may be required if the issue is chronic or has many layers of dysfunction within the person’s system.


Consequently following your initial 3-5 sessions, unless I really feel that you need to come back to finish what we are currently exploring, I will let you decide if you need another session, and when you feel that you want to return.


I have found that many of my clients will return for a another session/s when they are facing a new challenge, or for 're-balancing'. I always encourage people to listen to their own wisdom.


It's Your Healing Journey
Every healing journey is a deeply personal and unique experience. I often use a jigsaw puzzle as a metaphor: each of our ‘challenges’ is a jigsaw puzzle and as we take our journey with this challenge we find the pieces of the puzzle and the picture begins to take shape. Once the puzzle is complete we have learnt the life lessons from that experience, we no longer find this a challenge, and we can move forward. When people come and see me for a session, I am helping them to find some of those pieces. Sometimes I get to see the last pieces be put into place, and that is very exciting, however, other times those last pieces are found at a different stage in their journey when the timing is right.




Sacred exchange for In-person sessions:

​Initial sessions: 2 hours $220

Follow-up sessions: 1.5 hours   $ 170

Special request 1 hour   $130

Concession rates are available and are considered on an individual basis by contacting me directly. 

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