Past Life Regression Therapy

Are you wanting to understand why you have certain behavioural traits, illnesses, phobias, dreams, or even relationships ... maybe the answers lie beyond your conscious mind, in the realms of the subconscious and your previous incarnations?

Regression, in simple terms, is the act of accessing the subconscious mind or higher self. The subconscious mind records and keeps on file all of our soul memories - it is the one part of us that is present in all of our incarnations. Our bodies come and go - they are temporary, however, our soul is eternal.

Some memories from these past experiences can create blocks in this life. You may have a fear of drowning or water because you drowned in a past life. You may feel unable to speak in front of other people - perhaps you were ridiculed or persecuted for speaking out in a past incarnation. Many of our issues potentially originate from incidents in another life time.

​Regression can help you to identify the source of these feelings and fears. You can also discover the reason behind some of your behaviours, character traits, relationship difficulties and unexplained physical conditions. Understanding an event which created a fear, phobia, or recurring situations, can remove the current symptoms and allow you to move forward in this life.

There is another important aspect to regression - some of our emotional learning (helping us in this life) comes from gaining understanding from our 'between lives' insight during a regression. This can be in regards to why we as souls have chosen to have certain difficult life experiences; e.g. choosing to drown; or to lose a child early; or why we have a  distant parent. Also the understanding that the souls of people we loose that we love, we are likely to reconnect with in our other lives - even if the dynamic of the relationships may be different!

Regression is a way to access your soul and, in turn, help you to better understand your true self.

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As a new client, if past life regression is calling you, I would recommend the 3 session offer. This would include:

  1.  an initial session of 1.5 hours

  2.  a past life regression of 1.5 hours

  3.  an integration session of 1 hour


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I recently had a past-life regression session with Natasha and the results have been profound and ongoing. The space that Natasha holds for her treatments is powerful and safe. It allowed me to delve deep into a past-life which resulted in the healing of many aspects of my current life. Most spectacularly, a frozen shoulder which had been giving me chronic pain for over 10 years has almost returned to 100% health; likewise with some chronic jaw pain and depression. These physical ailments all had a basis in the past-life we explored and the freedom I have achieved has been awesome. I highly recommend Natasha to anyone who is ready for true, deep healing.

Heather 2014

Everything is going great I feel better than I have in a long time.

I believe I had to feel that heartache and emotion of that life as a sort of release in this life. I have blocked my heart off for too long now and I guess the session was just another reminder of how much I am missing out on when I close my heart off to the rest of the world. It's all still a little hard for me to put into words.

I feel as though my intuition is also a lot more tuned in.

I have been telling all of my friends about it and they are so curious about it all. Do you mind if I give your number so they can experience it?

Thank you again it was truly a wonderful experience and will definitely be back to see you for another session.

Nicole 2010

My Training

I did my training under Toni Rielly who trained with Dr Brian Weiss, well known author and presenter on reincarnation and past life regression.

In fact one of the first books I ever read that clearly and simply explained the concept of reincarnation and how it is that we are affected by our previous incarnations was his first book, "Many Lives, Many Masters" (as pictured below). 

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in understanding past life regression, and also in getting a medical doctor's perspective. This book is so well written that once you pick it up you will be completely engrossed in his true story. It is a story that speaks to the part of you that recognises this as the truth, in a way that your conscious mind is able to accept.

Dr Brian Weiss

"It must be stated that healing can only occur if an individual wants to be healed and if it does not interfere with the goals of their lifetime. We are infinite souls who have incarnated on Earth for our own individual experiences. The Subconscious of a blind person would not heal his sight if being blind was one of the key aspects of his life he agreed to experience. Nor would it heal a physical problem someone had created through the lack of care for their body if they had not yet learned the lesson to love and respect their body. It is very literal in its thinking. Are you beginning to understand the logic?"


~ Dolores Cannon  

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