Session Value

1. Initial Session   (For ALL new clients)

​    Initial session:s    1.5 hours  ~  $ 170

Please note: this session includes discussion of current experiences and medical, personal and family history. Depending on timing other healing techniques such as kinesiology and/or Theta Healing may be included. You will also take home a Seek Balance Alchemy bag to support your healing.


2. Kinesiology

​    Follow-up session only:s 1 hour  ~  $ 130

Please Note: any extras (such as flower essences) that suggested to take home for ongoing support are included.

Concession rates are available and are considered on an individual basis.

3. Past Life Regression

​    Follow-up session only:s1.5 hours $ 170

4. Theta Healing/Soul Link

​    Follow-up session only:s 1 hour  ~  $ 120

5. Raise Your Vibration (New!)  

   Follow-up session only:s 45 mins ~  $ 170

Please Note: This is a vibrational (energy) healing session and allows the participant to experience an opening of their crown chakra and an inner/cosimic journey to receive higher wisdom. You will leave the session with your own insights and an essence and programmed quartz crystal to support integration.

Limited sessions available. Newport only.

This session does not include any counselling. Follow up care is the responsibility of each person, whether it is booked in with me as a kinesiology session, or with another health care professional. 

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