Hello Courageous Soul


You have landed on my website during very uncertain times in our personal /collective history on this planet.

We do not know what will happen tomorrow, or exactly what the new “normal” will be.

This is a massive TRANSITION we are all in.

A transition through death (of what is known) into re-birth (another way of being, not yet known)

Transition is generally messy, difficult, uncertain and, sometimes, chaotic. Think about birth, puberty, any big life changes – the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly!

This uncertainty can trigger our FEAR (survival, fight/flight/freeze response).

There is the collective fear – this is very contagious and leads to panic buying, lack of compassion, even violence, and other irrational reactive behaviours.

There are also our own personal fears that will arise at this time when we are feeling vulnerable, when we don’t have our usual ego/identity comforts (e.g. not able to socialise with friends, go to work or on holiday, visit certain places that we normally would, buy/spend what we want because we can’t afford it or there is none in stock).

We, are responsible for tending to our FEAR (because no one else can do it for us) AND ensuring that we don’t project it outwards to others, thereby increasing the collective fear.

We also need to be aware that how we choose manage ourselves now is indicative of the new 'normal' we are creating.


What version of yourself would you choose to be in charge of creating the New Earth??

He/She is the one you need to sing up and support now, because the time is NOW. This planet, humanity, and You need this version of YOU to step forward now. 

I am dedicated to ... releasing collective fear (and grief), helping you to tend to your own personal fear/s (demons, wounding, trauma, limiting beliefs, etc) that need to be shed in order for you to come through this in a way that yields the best results for you, and the planet.

So my self-reflection question for you is this; What is arising for me now?


If you want to get on board, and lean into the changes that want to happen, to enable yourself to surrender to what is, rather than fighting it... please read below for what services I can offer you Now.

With love & gratitude,


When we feel uncomfortable we often want to tune OUT

(avoid, procrastinate, self-medicate, look for something to 'fix' us)

I urge you to tune IN

(lean into your discomfort, nurture yourself, be curious & compassionate)

During sessions, Natasha Colchester has given me knowledge that has improved my life in so many ways. I will be forever grateful. 

Self-awareness, self-confidence, knowledge of my body, mind and soul, society, relationships, workplaces, energy, and more! 

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and integrated it. I’m a happier and stronger person as a result.

Hayley 2020

What my beautiful clients are saying:

In Service :
What I can offer Now

I highly recommended the beautiful Natasha for anyone who is needing to clear out the old and bring in the new. I came to Natasha when I was 32 weeks pregnant first time mum and what she did for me I cannot express my gratitude enough. I believe Natasha is a huge reason my transition from "maiden to mother" happened so easily. Because of Natasha I am spirtiually, physically, mentally and with our new baby, ready for this next chapter in my life. I can not wait to get back to her for another session exploring her amazing treasures she has to offer. Thankyou Natasha.

Alex 2018



In line with common sense and suggestions from the government and my Kinesiology association I am temporarily only connecting for sessions via the ether (Zoom).

There is still a lot that we can do together using this platform!

  • I can listen, you can be heard

  • I can offer information, you can tune in

  • I can use intuitive tools/techniques to uncover helpful information for you

  • I can use powerful visualisation techniques for you to journey inwards, backwards, forwards; and shift consciousness

  • I can use sound healing techniques (I have a wonderful new microphone for this purpose!)

  • I can guide meditation and/or drum journeys

  • I can create an essence (vibrational remedy) to assist your healing/growth at home (I can post this, or you can collect it from my letterbox if you live close by)

One thing I know for sure is that during these uncertain times of massive transition and upheaval, we need to remain committed to our own well being and heart-full connection.

We will get through this, together. 

Please get in touch if you wish to explore ways in which we can work together during this time. 

I am very aware that, like me, many of you may be income affected.

Please don't let this hinder you... let's discuss what is possible, I am open to what works, and I am in service


When I met Natasha I knew I had the right person for me. I am happy to recommend Seek Balance Kinesiology as part of your growth program. Natasha is helping me to move forward in my growth by acknowledging the past but learning to leave it where it needs to be in the past. So I'm slowly peeling the layers off. What a relief!

Lynne 2017

I honestly could not recommend Natasha enough. From the minute we met i was put at ease with her calm nature. I felt so comfortable sharing with Natasha and our sessions have been a time of tremendous change and growth.

Sarah 2016


Sacred exchange for services during this time will be via bank transfer only.

Details will be provided.

Rates of exchange are listed below being mindful of our current circumstances. 

1. Online (Zoom) calls

These are similar to full length sessions and will be 1 - 1.5 hours long.

Normal exchange for online sessions is $130 / hour or $170 / 1.5 hours

Currently I am suggesting that if you are still fully employed and can pay normal rates, thank you, I would appreciate the support.

If not, please pay as you feel you can (suggested minimum is $80)

2. Catch-up calls (for return clients only)

These are essentially a follow-up and touch base option for current clients who may wish to discuss what has been unfolding since their previous session and will be 30 minutes long.

Normal exchange is $65 / half hour.

Currently I am suggesting that if you are still fully employed and can pay normal rates, thank you, I would appreciate the support.

If not, please pay as you feel you can (suggested minimum is $30)

3. Energetic Support

3.1 Essences

You can purchase one of my Divination Essences directly from me. At this time of great change, challenge and uncertainty I would strongly recommend the Transitions Essence!

Alternatively, I can create a blend just for you.

To do this you take a moment to tap into what is arising for you now, express this to me as clearly as possible and I will tune in and select up to 4 essences and create something just for you.

The exchange is $20 plus $10 postage & handling.

3.2 Crystal Alchemy

I know that crystals can help to harmonise and balance our energy, something that we definitely need right now! Plus, if you order something online, you have the joy of receiving something magical in the post!

I've created 3 Crystal Alchemy bags especially for our current situation:

  • Releasing Fear & Receiving Love | $35* 

(amethyst, lepidolite, blue lace agate, malachite, rose quartz, mangano calcite, carnelian, black tourmaline)

  • Calling in Ancient Wisdom | $30*

(labradorite, kombaba jasper, rainforest jasper, chiastolite, mookite jasper, petrified wood, jet, garnet) 

  • Chakra Balancing | $25*

(amethyst, sodalite, amazonite, green aventurine, rose quartz, tiger eye, carnelian, red jasper)

*Sacred exchange varies due to the value of individual crystals included. Postage and handling $10

We are in this together so, if you have any questions or would like to connect with me to make an appointment, or a suggestion, please do so!

Natasha is a fantastic practitioner to work with and is very attune to her clients journey. We have laughed together, cried together and done some amazing working shifting energy and limitations together. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone and suggest booking in for a session to see how helpful she is. I'm just sad that I couldn't take her with me when I relocated to Sydney as it will be hard to find someone to fill her place on my journey xx

Megan 2016

Crystal Alchemy:

Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine

It was many years ago that I was introduced to the concept that I am not merely a physical being, having a 'life' on this Earth. No, I am far greater and more powerful!

My understanding that we all consist of a soul (this is our essence, our spirit, our true self; that continues on throughout all of our lives), a mind (sometimes referred to as the ego, or the personality) and a body (when the physical body is dysfunctional, this is often when we begin to pay attention).

Any of these three areas can influence the other two and cause dysfunction to manifest. Therefore, even when something may appear to be say, purely physical in nature, it is likely that this physical dysfunction is being influenced by the mind and/or the spirit.

I'm sure some of you may not be able to appreciate how a thought or an emotion can be causing physical symptoms. Let me offer you this scenario:

You are about to give an important work presentation to managers from around the country about a new sales concept. Just prior to speaking you are thinking of how this could potentially make or break your career; and about how some influential people will be watching you and listening to you. Suddenly a memory from high school comes into your mind about a speech you delivered that went badly, kids laughed about it for years after. You cringe at the thought - you were too scared to do class presentations after that. You begin feeling the pressure. Your heart starts beating faster, your breathing is shallow, you feel sick in your stomach, your palms become sweaty and your mouth becomes dry. You are afraid you will forget your words... 

This is not an uncommon example, public speaking is known to be potentially a very stressful situation for many people. Frequently our fight/flight physiological responses (heart and breathing rate, sweating and loss of brain function) are commonly triggered by our beliefs, and the associated emotional responses we have identified with from our past experiences. 

In this example the 'trigger' for the physical response was perhaps clear to the person, however, this is not always the case. Either way, kinesiology is a fantastic way to find and clear the current experience of stress from where it originated, so that you can be free to be present in each moment of your life and choose how you wish to respond!

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