Hello Courageous Soul


You have landed on my website during very uncertain times in our personal /collective history on this planet. 

It may feel as though we have been suddenly thrown into complete chaos and uncertainty, however, the situation has been approaching dire on our planet for a long time now.

With all the 'usual' plans altered or cancelled, we are in what some may call 'limbo' and what I'll call The Void. We are between the death of something old and out dated, and the birth of something shiny and new, and full of potential. 

This is a massive TRANSITION we are all in personally, and collectively.

Transition is generally messy, difficult, uncertain and, sometimes, chaotic. Think about birth, puberty, any big life changes – the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly!

What version of yourself would you choose to be in charge of creating the New Earth??

He/She/They is the one you need to sing up and support now, because the time is NOW. This planet, humanity, and You need this version of YOU to step forward now. 

I am dedicated to ... releasing collective fear (and grief), helping you to tend to your own personal fear/s (demons, wounding, trauma, limiting beliefs, etc) that need to be shed in order for you to move beyond your current experience in a way that yields the best results for you.

My self-reflection question for you is this; What is arising for me now?

With love & gratitude,


In Service :
What I can offer Now

UPDATED: 30th of June, 2020

In alignment with updated suggestions from the government and my kinesiology association I have resumed in-person sessions in a limited capacity. I hope to offer more as time, and situations, evolve. I will be continuing online sessions as they have proven to be very effective. 

I am also excited to offer a new format for online sessions.


See below for details.

In-person Sessions Return!

WHEN: Saturdays ONLY 

WHERE: Fitzroy 

There are limited spaces to decrease the potential spread of germs within our communities. Please contact me to arrange a time.

Know that I am taking every precaution to ensure a safe space for us all.

To be able to offer this type of session we must adhere to current recommended hygiene practices.

Please read carefully. These must be agreed to prior to your session.

  1. If you have any flu like symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, etc.) you must let me know a.s.a.p. by text message (0430287883) and we will reschedule your appointment

  2. I will let you know if I have any flu like symptoms and request that we reschedule or potentially do the session online (at your discretion)

  3. When you arrive you must wash your hands with soapy water in the bathroom and use the hand sanitiser outside the clinic room

  4. I will also wash my hands between each client and use the hand sanitiser

  5. I will wash down all surfaces between clients (including your chair, door handles, massage table, etc.)

  6. There will be no material coverings on the massage table (due to the current recommended hygiene practices) so for your own comfort I ask that you bring a blanket from home

  7. I will provide a pillow and use a clean towel to cover it that will be washed after use

  8. You must bring your own water bottle (water is essential)

Online Sessions Continue!


A surprise discovery for me was the potential power of online sessions. I will be continuing to offer these at a discounted rate.

WHEN: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

WHERE: the comfort of your own home


NEW: Moon Phase Online Sessions


Another gift from this time has been the deepening of my appreciation for how working with clients in the different moon phases can really boost the potential for change and growth. 

WHEN: days will shift, depending on the moon cycle

WHERE: the comfort of your own home


If working in collaboration with the cycles of the moon (very close to the monthly cycles of a woman, also in alignment with the cycles of day/night and the seasons) is something that calls to your soul...

  • we begin in the energy of the Dark Moon (to speak of your dreams and release what is not serving that dream, that which is blocking you or weighing you down)

  • you will connect to the New Moon that directly follows (I will provide suggestions on how to create a ritual for this that you can tailor to fit your needs)

  • we will connect again for our second session on the next Full Moon (to reflect on what has been arising for you in response to your New Moon prayer/intention)

You may wish to continue onto the following Dark Moon to resolve what may have arisen during your first cycle. Alternatively, you may feel equipped to continue cycling on your own with the information provided. I will only work with you for a maximum of 2 consecutive cycles as I wish for you to be empowered to work your lunar cycle magic.


One thing I know for sure is that during these uncertain times of massive transition and upheaval, we need to remain committed to our own well being and heart-full connection.

We will get through this, together. 

Please get in touch if you wish to explore ways in which we can work together during this time. 

I am very aware that, like me, many of you may be income affected.

Please don't let this hinder you... let's discuss what is possible, I am open to what works, and I am in service.


When we feel uncomfortable we often want to tune OUT

(avoid, procrastinate, self-medicate, look for something to 'fix' us)

I urge you to tune IN

(lean into your discomfort, nurture yourself, be curious & compassionate)

What my beautiful clients are saying:

During sessions, Natasha Colchester has given me knowledge that has improved my life in so many ways. I will be forever grateful. 

Self-awareness, self-confidence, knowledge of my body, mind and soul, society, relationships, workplaces, energy, and more! 

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and integrated it. I’m a happier and stronger person as a result.

Hayley 2020

I highly recommended the beautiful Natasha for anyone who is needing to clear out the old and bring in the new. I came to Natasha when I was 32 weeks pregnant first time mum and what she did for me I cannot express my gratitude enough. I believe Natasha is a huge reason my transition from "maiden to mother" happened so easily. Because of Natasha I am spirtiually, physically, mentally and with our new baby, ready for this next chapter in my life. I can not wait to get back to her for another session exploring her amazing treasures she has to offer. Thankyou Natasha.

Alex 2018


When I met Natasha I knew I had the right person for me. I am happy to recommend Seek Balance Kinesiology as part of your growth program. Natasha is helping me to move forward in my growth by acknowledging the past but learning to leave it where it needs to be in the past. So I'm slowly peeling the layers off. What a relief!

Lynne 2017

I honestly could not recommend Natasha enough. From the minute we met i was put at ease with her calm nature. I felt so comfortable sharing with Natasha and our sessions have been a time of tremendous change and growth.

Sarah 2016

Natasha is a fantastic practitioner to work with and is very attune to her clients journey. We have laughed together, cried together and done some amazing working shifting energy and limitations together. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone and suggest booking in for a session to see how helpful she is. I'm just sad that I couldn't take her with me when I relocated to Sydney as it will be hard to find someone to fill her place on my journey xx

Megan 2016

Sacred Exchange for My Services


1. In-person Sessions (Saturdays only)

1 hour $150

1.5 hours $190

Sacred exchange for these services will be by Mastercard or VISA.

2. Online (Zoom) calls

1 hour $130

1.5 hours $170

Sacred exchange for these services will be via bank transfer only.

We are in this together so, if you have any questions or would like to connect with me to make an appointment, or a suggestion, please do so!

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